Vicks® VapoPads - Lavender & Rosemary - 10 pk

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Vicks Soothing Sleepy Time Comfort VapoPads are uniquely designed to work with your Vicks humidifier to release soothing vapors.  Each VapoPad is designed to release up to 8 hours of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender vapors to enhance your humidification experience and to help provide added comfort.

· Contains 10 Vicks VapoPads per box

· Up to 8 hours of soothing vapors per pad

· Works in most Vicks humidifiers, vaporizes, steam inhalers and plug-ins

Recommended usage:

· Not recommended for infants under 10 pounds.

· For children between 10-22 pounds, do not use more than 2 pads in a 24 hour period