Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Clip-On Fan - Black/Grey

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Deluxe EZY-Fit Clip On Fan is the perfect item for outdoor events on hot summer days. The fan easily clips on to any standard stroller with a handy alligator clip and is made from durable, non-toxic plastic and soft fins

You no longer have to avoid the great outdoors on those hot or humid days with the Dreambaby® Deluxe EZY-Fit Clip On Fan. You and your baby can enjoy the outdoors without the overwhelming heat. Perfect for strolls on the boardwalk or a day in the park, this fan helps keep your child from getting fussy in their stroller by providing them with cool and constant airflow. You’re not just limited to the stroller. You can clip the fan to table tops, cribs, playpens or where ever your baby needs some extra air.

·ATTRACTIVE ERGONOMIC CLIP: The new EZY-Fit Clip-On Fan is even easier to clip right where you need it. With the attractive and stylish clip, this fan will fit more securely onto your stroller, table, desk, crib, and more

·COOL AND COMFORTABLE: Help your baby chill-out on sunny or humid days with the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Clip-On Fan. It’s a simple and convenient way to keep kids from getting fussy during hot summer strolls, and maybe even point a little breeze the parents’ way as well

·SOFT FINS: While this is not a toy to be played with, the fins are safe to the touch, so even if your baby reaches for the fan, you don’t have to worry about boo boos or tears

·ADJUSTABLE AIR FLOW: The flexible neck on the fan allows you to point the air flow in whatever direction you choose. You can use the fan to the side, upside down, straight on, whatever way you want to make your little one more comfortable

·EASY AND SECURE ATTACHMENT: No need for installation or reinforcements, the Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Clip-On Fan securely clips on to surfaces or handles so it can be effortlessly moved from place to place

·STROLLER FAN SPECIFICATIONS AND DETAILS: Package contains (1) Dreambaby® EZY-Fit Clip-On Fan.

·Requires (2) AA batteries not included, rechargeable batteries are suitable. Features flexible neck to adjust to desired angle. Portable design perfect for beach, pool, picnics, parks, and more