Dreambaby® Adhesive Safety Latches - 4pk

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Dreambaby® Adhesive Safety Latches are strong, easy to install, durable locks. They provide quick access for adults while making it almost impossible for children to get into cabinets and drawers that may contain harmful objects.

Suitable for use on the top or side of most cabinets. Adhesive Safety Latches are also suitable for use on top drawers and they may be used on lower drawers where there is a top divider to which the catch may be fitted.

·Sleek, subtle design means they are hidden from view.

·Easy to use and install.

·Adhesive mount means no tools or screws needed.

·Keeps children out of cabinets and drawers.

·3" long x 2" wide x 1" tall.

·Pull open the door or drawer slightly and press down on the hook to open; locks automatically when closed.

·Let adhesive rest for 24 hours before using