Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Stroller Clips - Black - 4pk

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The Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Stroller Clips offer a simple, efficient, and attractive way to attach fabrics and blankets to your stroller. Mothers will love their durable construction from high quality and non-toxic materials.

·ENJOY PEACE OF MIND: Safely attach blankets or muslin fabrics over your stroller or pram to help protect your baby from the sun. These clips will help protect your child from the sunlight while you can still ensure proper airflow. Also, great to help baby maintain privacy when napping

·PERFECT AMOUNT TO GO AROUND: A single package contains four Stroller Clips, giving you the perfect amount for coverage and privacy

·FITS ALL STROLLERS AND PRAMS: Regardless of your stroller model or year of production, these Strollerbuddy® Stroller Clips are a perfect fit, making them a big hit at baby showers

·HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION FROM SAFE MATERIALS: Like all Dreambaby® products, our Stroller Clips were designed with love and made with care from sturdy, non-toxic materials, ensuring they’re suitable to even use around your littlest family members

·WARNING: Whenever using liners or blanket covers, be sure to allow for unobstructed breathing and proper airflow over and around your baby