Royal Butler™ Wipes - 50ct

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The Royal Butler™ are noist-towelettes enriched with aloe vera & chamomile to clean your manatomy. The super-soft & extra-strong wipes are made for a superior clean "heinie", with a royal scent, that leave you feeling (& smelling) like royalty. Perfect for accompanying you to the gym, that important meeting, that really long flight or that really hot date.

Since the 1850’s, people have been using paper to wipe, and if you’re looking for a mediocre clean-up that may suffice. But if you’re looking for a thorough clean that leaves you royally clean, join the revolution in the way we wipe – the first one in 170 years! No joke – royal butler flushable wipes have been formulated by a pharmacist and are ideal for use in the restroom, for grooming or when looking for a quick way to freshen up!

Your butler is here!"

·FLUSHABLE WIPES: Perfect for using in the bathroom, for grooming or for a quick refresh.

· ENRICHED WITH ALOE & CHAMOMILE: To clean and moisturize your MAN-ATOMY

· SUPER SOFT, EXTRA STRONG AND EXTRA LARGE: These generously sized wipes are 5.9 x 7.9 inches / 15 x 20 cm and are super soft and extra strong for your most sensitive man parts.

·ROYAL SCENT FOR MEN: These has been specifically formulated with a royal scent to leave you feeling and smelling like royalty.

· PERFECT FOR ON THE GO: These are perfect for accompanying you to wherever and whenever you need to go. To the gym, to the office, that really long flight or really hot date!