Playtex® VentAire™ 9oz Bottle - 1pk

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Playtex® Baby VentAire® Bottles provide complete tummy comfort for easy switching between breast and bottle feeding. VentAire® Bottles are designed with doctor-recommended features that help prevent colic and reflux. The patented bottom vent promotes an air-free feed, and the ergonomic, angled design promotes semiupright feeding to help prevent ear infections. Unlike nipple vented bottles, VentAire's® bottom vent keeps air at the back of the bottle and prevents it from mixing with milk as your baby drinks. Less air bubbles in your baby's milk means reduced colic, reflux, gas, burping and fussiness. Playtex® Baby offers a variety of uniquely designed bottles that meet all of your baby’s changing feeding needs. All Playtex® Baby products are BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free.

·ANGLED DESIGN:The bottle's ergonomic, angled design promotes semi-upright feeding which is recommended by pediatricians to help prevent ear infections.

·DOCTOR RECOMMENDED FEATURES:The bottom vent for air-free feeding and the angled design for more upright feeding are doctor recommended to help reduce reflux, colic, gas, burping and spit up.

·EASY TO CLEAN & REASSEMBLE:VentAire® bottles are designed with fewer parts, making cleaning and reassembly quick and easy.

·NIPPLE DESIGNED TO FEEL LIKE MOM: - Designed to be most like mom, the wide shape Naturalatch silicone nipple encourages proper latching, promotes healthy feeding and allows you to easily switch between breast and bottle feeding.