Playtex® Stage 1 Sipsters® Starter Set Cups - 6oz/4m+ - 2pk - 1 Soft Spout, 1 Straw Cup (Assorted Pack - approx colours)

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Playtex® Stage 1 Starter Set is designed for children ages 4M+ transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. Stage 1 cups promote independent drinking skills with unique features, like removable handles, soft silicone spout, and more! Now, let’s talk convenience! Just when you thought you’d given up hope on finding a sippy cup that your baby likes, Playtex helps eliminate that trial and error period with our Stage 1 Starter Set. This starter set pairs a Stage 1 straw cup with a Stage 1 soft spout cup so mom can see which drinking feature works best for her child. It also comes with double removable handles. Leak-Proof Guarantee*: Playtex cups are leak-proof, spill-proof and break-proof guaranteed! We make it easier for moms to give their babies their first sip of independence without having to worry about big messes.

Eases Transition to Sippy Cups: We know how much change both you and your baby experience during their first year. So, our Stage 1 trainer cups were designed to make that first transition to sippy cups as easy as possible, with new features such as a soft silicone spout and removable handles.

·For ages 4 months and older.

·6 oz size.

·Soft silicone spout eases the transition from bottle or breastfeeding to cup.

·Also available in Straw variety, which allows the cup to grow with the toddler.

·Contoured design makes it easy for little hands to hold.

·Spout/Straw starter set allows mom to see which drinking feature works best for her child.

·Removable handles to promote independent drinking skills.

·Spill-proof, Break-proof, Leak-proof Guarantee*.

·BPA Free.

·All parts are top rack dishwasher safe, or can be hand washed.