Mombella® Mimi Mushroom Soothing Teether - Green

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Every Breast Feeding Mom Deserves Some Self Time: Mimi Mushroom is designed to help those frustrating moms of being a human pacifier. It is designed according to breast & nipple shape with super soft skin-like silicone. Works excellent for most exclusive breast feeding babies who are picky with pacifier and bottles. With the Mombella® Mimi Mushroom, moms can finally put the baby down without crying.

·0-6month baby’s mouth structure is for sucking:  The amount of open space in newborns mouth is very small so that appropriate intraoral pressure can occur, and this pressure allows liquid to be drawn into the mouth and moved back to the throat for swallowing.
·While sucking, nipple is drawn deeply into the baby’s mouth to help maintain the relatively broad shape of the roof of the mouth or hard palate.
·Helps with a strong sucking pad development. A weak or no sucking pad will lead to very weak jaw movement, will be difficult for feeding. Enough sucking and massaging with help with sucking pad growing helps those babies who were born slightly early or prematurely.
·Replace the pacifier with a Mimi Mushroom for 3-6 Months Babies: Sucking is calming for 0-6months babies, but after 3 months, most babies start to get control over hands movement, and are able to get things and head it to mouth. Mimi mushroom has the function of soothing & sucking, at the same time, requires baby's hands get involved, by heading the mushroom into mouth and take out and put in again, baby learns hand-mouth coordination, thus good for motor skill development.

·Less Finger Sucking, Better Oral Habit: With little hand inside the mushroom and holding the stem, prevent babies from digit sucking.
·Easy to CLEAN, STORE and STERILIZE: BPA free, dishwasher, freezer & sterilizer same. Comes with a clip as bonus, keep the teether from dropping down.

·For 6M+ Babies, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE MUSHROOM NIPPLE INTO BABY'S MOUTH WHILE SLEEPING. Keep baby's mouth firmly closed without any soother while sleep after 6months will helps baby to maintain good mouth structure and a wide nasal system and a good nose-breathing habit which is good for health.