Dreambaby® Furniture Anchor
Babies are curious by nature and the modern home is full of large and frequently unstable furniture. This can make for a precarious situation. Luckily, there’s Dreambaby®, where growing safely is a priority. Our Furniture Anchors were specifically designed to help prevent injuries which occur when curious toddlers start pushing and pulling on furniture.

·ACCIDENTS USED TO HAPPEN: Our affordable and easy-to-install anchors keep furniture from falling and tipping over, preventing the terrible injuries that these accidents can cause as well.
·PERFECT FOR A RANGE OF ITEMS: Perfect for bookcases, tallboys, dressers, display cabinets, end tables, side tables, and more, these versatile anchors are ideal for almost any room and configuration.
·QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL&lt: Using a few screws in the solid parts of the furniture and wall, our anchors conveniently secure furniture in an upright position against nearly any wall. To guarantee ideal holding power, please be sure to follow all instructions carefully and exactly.
·QUALITY MADE FOR DURABILITY Made from high-strength stainless steel for a lifetime of dependable, hassle-free protection.
·ALSO IDEAL FOR EARTHQUAKE ZONES Ensure your space is safe from the unexpected. It works great in every room in the home and be used with our other safety devices like our Furniture Straps and the Flat Screen TV Savers.
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