Dreambaby® Liberty Xtra-Tall & Xtra-Wide Security Gate – White
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Dreambaby® Liberty Extra Tall Auto-Close Metal Baby Gate is a fantastic addition to every childproof home. With its sleek metal design, one handed operation, and double locking feature you can feel confident that your child is safer. Versatile indeed, Liberty gates are suitable for doorways and hallways sized 29.5-33″ wide and boast an extra tall height of 36.5″. With the 2 extensions included, this gate can fit up to 43.5″. WIth optional extensions (sold separately) the Dreambaby® Liberty Xtra-Tall Security Gate they can fit openings up to 54in. Note, our Liberty gates can only have one extension on either side. For those times when your hands are full while bringing in the groceries or toting around the laundry basket, the Stay-Open feature is sure to become your best friend. Just swing the door in the Stay-Open position and it will stay wide open till you choose to close it. For all other times, the Auto-Close feature gives you one less thing to worry about. Dreambaby® Liberty Extra Tall gates are pressure-mounted which means fuss free installation perfect for most homes whether houses or apartments (mounting cups required for top of stair use). Made of strong, high-quality materials it’s perfect for large and even the most eager pets!
·QUICK, EASY, VERSATILE: DETAILS & MEASUREMENTS: The Dreambaby Liberty Xtra-Tall Smart Stay-Open Security Gate in White fits openings between 29.5 and 33in (75-84cm). Using the included 3.5″ and 7” extension panels , it is suitable for spaces measuring 39.5” to 43.5” For larger spaces, wider extensions are available, sold separately.
·EXTRA TALL DESIGN: One of the tallest security gates on the market. The gate is 36.5 inches tall, helping to deter children and pets from climbing, providing you with greater peace of mind.
·SMART STAY OPEN: The Smart Stay-Open option allows you to move seamlessly from room to room, an excellent option for when your hands are full, such as when doing laundry or bringing in the groceries.
·ONE HANDED OPERATION: The Liberty Security Gate can be opened by adults with just one hand, while the double locking mechanism keeps it firmly closed.
·OPENS IN BOTH DIRECTIONS: Your home is not a one-way street. Make the back and forth of daily life easier with the help of a security gate which opens in both directions
·EASY INSTALLATION: Dreambaby® Liberty Extra Tall gates are pressure-mounted which means fuss free installation perfect for most homes whether houses or apartments.
·NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN:Made of strong, high-quality materials, it’s great for most pets too
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